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Training and empowering foster, kinship and adoptive parents to be strong advocates for children in their homes.

Healing Children by Empowering Families

For Our Donors

Happiness. Dear friends and future friends,

"This is my safe place." When FAPAC staff heard these words from one of our families at a support group meeting, we knew we must be doing something right.

When FAPAC first opened its doors in 2000, families did not have a safe place or outlet. Their voices often went unrepresented, their challenges unheard. Now, thanks to FAPAC's programs, DC's foster, kinship, and adoptive families have access to ongoing individual and peer/group support that helps them to successfully manage the obstacles inherent in foster parents. This support empowers our families to keep going when the going is hard.

Through the years, our "little engine that could" has been extremely successful in positively impacting many significant improvements that have made life better for our children and families. We hope that you will take the time to read our materials, call or email us with any questions, and even invite us to meet with you.

We would love to explore ways to partner with your organization or business. We are aware that this year there are many needs that compete for your donations. If you will consider us as, you have my personal and professional commitment that each and every donated dollar will be used well and carefully to best support our work for DC's children and families. Your faith in and support of FAPAC will help us to ensure our children have the best chance for stability, permanency, and healing in well- prepared and well-supported families best able to meet their needs.

Thank you for your consideration.

FAPAC's staff family
Margie, Marilyn, Toni, Blaire, Bobby

Funders and Donors 2017-18

We are tremendously grateful to these foundations, businesses, government and community organizations that support and sustain us to do our work,

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