Foster and Adoptive Parent Advocacy Center (FAPAC)

Foster and Adoptive Parent Advocacy Center (FAPAC)

FAPAC has officially moved to their new location, 508 Kennedy Street Northwest Room 303, Washington, DC 20011.

The Foster & Adoptive Parent Advocacy Center (FAPAC) gives critical support to the foster, kinship, and adoptive families who care for children in the District of Columbia's child welfare system.

The mission of the Foster and Adoptive Parent Advocacy Center (FAPAC) is toimprove the quality of life,well- being, and dignity of children in the District of Columbia by strengthening, supporting and empowering foster, adoptive and kinship parents to serve as advocates for their children's needs and bridge-builders with birth parents, through working as an organizational agent of systemic change and by partneringwith other District agencies to provide innovative stabilization services to families at risk.

FAPAC works to heal children by empowering families. To accomplish this goal, we


  • Offer intensive trainings to enable foster parents to build their capacity to parent children who have experienced neglect and abuse.

  • Provide comprehensive support to assist families who are struggling to navigate the system to get services for children in their homes.

  • Develop advocacy skills of families so that they can better advocate for the needs of the children in their homes, and can help other families to do the same.

  • Coordinate and organize the foster, kinship, and adoptive parent community to participate in policy review, meetings, and projects alongside of the professionals who serve our children so that they can participate at tables of systemic reform.

  • Build partnership and collaboration between foster parents and social workers, and foster parents and birth parents, and among agencies, so that children are better served.

Millicent Williams.

On April 27, FAPAC lost our good friend and board chair, Millicent Williams.

Millicent gave her heart and soul over the years to her work in child welfare and made many important contributions. She was a cherished member of the FAPAC family, an exemplary board chair, and a wonderful friend.

We will greatly miss Millicent. Our work to improve the lives of children and families must continue in her memory.

Millicent's family has asked that donations be made in her name to
FAPAC via Network for Good.

"FAPAC has provided a safe haven for me as a foster parent to go for support and good advice on many areas that come up while taking the city's children into my home. Just knowing that they are there and the mission that they have established makes me feel so much better about what I do as a foster parent."

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Important Announcements & Program Updates

Do you know a child that has recently been replaced (i.e. moved from one foster/kinship home to another)? If so, please encourage and support parenting partnerships by referring that child's case for a Family Link "replacement icebreaker." More info about Family Link's icebreakers at: www.dcfapac.org/FamilyLink.

The DC Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) created a FREE SMART PHONE APP that makes it easier for you to access information about the children who come into your home for foster care. Click here for more info.

FAPAC's "Families Growing Stronger Together" (FGST) program is now accepting referrals. The FGST program, which offers both aparenting class and a peer support group,isopen to parents 25 years old or younger OR any parent with a child who is 6 years old or younger. The next cohort of participantswill meet on Tuesday evenings from 6pm-9pm starting Tuesday, June 21st. For more information, please contact Toni Carr at mtonicarr@gmail.com or (585) 969-5799.

Family Link.
FAPAC is please to partner with CFSA on Family Link, a system-wide effort to promote and support shared parenting such that resource parents and birth parents have opportunities to work together on behalf of the children in foster care. Visit Family Link's website for more information.

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